Ben D’Ornay

Ben D’ornay is a qualified and professional mortgage broker. He is a dynamic and results-driven addition to the Mortgage Haven team. Working remotely, Ben brings a wealth of expertise in the finance industry, particularly in asset and home loans, car finance, and business loans for SMEs. His approach is tailored to align with each client’s strategies, consistently aiding them in achieving their financial goals.

Prior to joining our team, Ben D’Ornay served as a police officer and an experienced executive in Emergency Services, where he developed a strong background in Public Safety, Firefighting, Operations Management, and Strategic Planning. This robust experience in high-pressure situations, combined with his skills in Regulatory Compliance and Risk & Safety Compliance, make him adept at finding successful strategies for any scenario he encounters.

Ben’s diverse background enriches our team, reinforcing our commitment to providing our clients with a comprehensive, goal-oriented approach to their financial needs.

Ben D’Ornay is available for consultations via video link.