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Our Team

  • Ben


    Ben is a dynamic and results-driven addition to the Mortgage Haven team. Working remotely, Ben brings a wealth of expertise in the finance industry, particularly in asset and home loans, car finance, and business loans for SMEs. His approach is tailored to align with each client’s strategies, consistently aiding them in achieving their financial goals.…

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  • Dale


    Dale is an established mortgage broker who brings 14 years of service as a police officer to his work in residential lending and property investor loans. His tenure in the police force has honed strong communication skills and a deep-seated commitment to his local community. Born and raised in Gippsland, Dale’s local insights, coupled with…

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  • Jamie


    Meet Jamie, the cornerstone of Mortgage Haven as our Senior Loan Processor. With over eight years of experience, Jamie handles our loan processing operations remotely, deftly navigating procedures with impressive precision and efficiency. Her superb problem-solving abilities and dedication to customer satisfaction and operational improvements have earned her an excellent reputation in the industry. Her…

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  • Steph


    Meet Steph, an energetic and results-oriented member of the Mortgage Haven team. A qualified broker with a unique background in education, Steph brings a dedication to her clients reminiscent of her five years as a devoted secondary school teacher. She seamlessly merges her vibrant energy and customer-focused approach to deliver bespoke mortgage solutions. Currently on…

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  • Millie


    Meet Millie, our lovable Cavoodle and the self-appointed “Mis-Chief Happiness Officer” at Mortgage Haven. Donning a glorious underbite and fluffy teddy-bear-like coat, Millie’s specialty is bringing joy, with a dash of harmless mischief. Her love for attention is only rivalled by her penchant for playful bouts, complete with a not-so-scary growl. Millie’s occasional office appearances…

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